Crater Cycles recommends Intense Cycles. Intense Cycles started in 1991,  by Jeff Steber who designed his version of the full suspension mountain bike in his garage. The following year he added new CNC machines parts and sealed bearings to the frame. He took this new bike to a trade show in 1993 to see what the results would be. The rest is as you guessed, history.

Today Intesne Cycles is known for its championship handcrafted, winning face frames said to be by many the “Ferrari of the mountain bike industry.” The new an improved Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension was redesigned with Intense Cycles and Ssanta Cruz as partners. This technology of  suspension was neutral and able to comply with both bumps and depressions while eliminating power loss. The VPP system was able to maintain efficient pedaling with big travel, providing excellent acceleration while running a little sag. 

Intense Cycles continues to be handcrafted and stay on cutting edge suspension technology. If you haven’t tried it give our shop a call and experience the power of Intense Cycles TODAY!

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