Crater Cycles recommends Pivot Cyles. Started by Chris Cocalis a man who’s vision was driven by the innovation and success of bikes. 

Pivot Cycles has something special about them a design feature that sets them apart called the anti-squat suspension design. Much more than any other suspension design, DW-Link counteracts riders input onto the rear suspension. As the greatest portion of the rider has a profound effect on the way that a suspension works (or doesn’t work) on the trail. Pivot Cycles designed this DW-Link to resist squat in the suspension as the rider accelerates, which causes a weight shift onto the rear wheel. Instead, a Pivot bike will remain stable and accelerate with snappy precision. Another benefit is increased traction and control in all conditions.

With a Pivot Cycle mountain bikes, you can be sure that all of the work and attention to detail is unmatched for any rider on any terrain or conditions.

Start your Maui vacation with an cycling adventure of a life time. Try riding a Pivot Cycle bike today. Check out Crater Cycles NEW fleet of bikes and see how we can help you.

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