Crater Cycles recommends Yeti Cycles.  Yeti Cycles have been around since 1985 started by a welder who had built movie sets.The founder John Parker ended up joining NORBA as a trustee for 5 years. Yeti Cycles originated in California but ended up in Durango, Colorado to be closer to the action of the first World Championship.

Yeti Cycles has a patented suspension system that they call ZeroLoss Technology or linear guide technology. The suspension system consists of two gliding pivots. The wheel path follows the direction of the impact so it transfers directly into the mountain bike suspension system and goes into the shock rather than flexing the frame. More recently, Yeti has patented a new suspension design called Switch Technology, which is basically a dual-link design that utilizes an eccentric mechanism that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This type of suspension is found on their newer mountain bikes, the SB-66 and the SB-95. In 1995, Schwinn bought Yeti Cycles company and later sold it to a ski company called Volant in 1999. During this time, not a lot happened with Yeti mountain bikes. In 2001, two Yeti employees bought the company and revived the Yeti name. Chris Conroy was one of these employees and is currently the president and general manager of Yeti Cycles. The factory is now in Golden, Colorado.  Article credit from Wikipedia.

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